Thomas Morice.
From Strasbourg.
I’m Thomas
A French Web Developer
living in Stockholm City


A natural curiosity
that keeps leading me
down new paths.

After many and various work experiences, working in many different fields, being a policeman or a watch repairer, I decided to go back to university and embrace my true passion, computer science.

Thanks to this atypical career path, I became a curious & passionate web developer. Learning new things on a daily basis is what I enjoy the most, working in this field.

I love playing with wordpress, but I'm interested in CMS in general.
I believe there is no perfect tool. Whether we choose to build a website under React, Laravel, a headless CMS, static HTML... one size doesn't fit all.

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Working pixel-perfect
and spicing it up with
some creativity.

As a developer, being creative can sometimes prove to be a challenging task, which is why I practice designing interfaces using Figma in my spare time.

Working closely with designers, I'm always careful to make sure my projects are well implemented. I've also learned many strategies on how to create a nice experience for the user.

Even though I am far from being a designer, I enjoy switching from logic tasks to more creative ones. I can spend time browsing awwwards websites for instance, to find inspiration from talented people.

Keep scrolling to check out some of my recent projects.

A quick look at some recent projects.

Before moving to Stockholm, I taught myself how to create websites and web applications by doing freelance work for local company.
That experience was very rewarding and it made me realize that I am better at developing websites than selling them.πŸ˜…

I've also worked with several companies in Sweden, maintaining and improving their websites. You can find some of my recent projects below. Don't hesitate to click on the details link on each project to find more information.

June 2017
Stefania Esse
DiscoverCollection of luxury clothes.
The goal.
Build a website in few weeks, with the help of a designer. The owner must have the possibility to customize texts & images in an easy and reliable way.

The website should also be optimized, since it uses a lot of big images, it is important to serve them as light/fast as possible.
My work.
The website was built as a simple yet powerful theme for Wordpress. Considering the deadline and the constraints, this was the best solution.

I have also used Beaver Builder as the visual composer, by creating custom component to be able to administrate the website visually.

I've created my own components in the code for this project: Collection, Articles & more. We've also linked the website to the different social medias and implemented a contact form later on.
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During 2017
Bannerflow / Blog
DiscoverAn engaging blog to create content around the product.
The goal.
The main purpose of this project was to Build a blog within few weeks, starting with a minimum viable project. This project had to be easily upgradable with documentation, and should contains some simple functions like load more posts button in ajax.

Content writers needed also to be able to add articles to the page with an administration tool, and all by themselves.
My work.
The blog was build as a theme for Wordpress. We found a consensus regarding the deadline, to have a first project that is as simple as possible.

I've spend around a month on the blog project. Wordpress facilitates most of the work, specially in terms of administration. Custom functions that needed development were implemented during this time.
We have also used a Kanban board to be able to predict the deadline of the project and work in an efficient way.
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During 2017
Bannerflow / Website
DiscoverAdd a premium touch.
The goal.
Maintain a website and make it evolve by adding a premium look & feel into existing pages and new ones.

I've been working with the marketing and design team, while putting extra effort on the pixel-perfect implementation.
My work.
The website was my main on-going project at Bannerflow. I used all my knowledge in Wordpress, Laravel, Javascript and CSS/Stylus.

More technically, this project was made under Wordpress for the convenience of adminsitration, but the frontend was using JSON output from Wordpress using Laravel.

I was working as a self-driven web developer, delivering new content on the flow.
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I can’t wait to learnmore about you.

Now that you know me, it's my turn to get to know you.

Whether you just wanna say πŸ– β€˜Hi’ or tell me about your next project, please do not hesitate to drop a line 😊


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