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My first experience in Stockholm was a lot of learnings and so much fun.
PHP · Laravel · Gulp

I’ve learned many things around Wordpress, php, and css. Together with the designer & the marketing team, we maintained the main website, and we built the blog from scratch. Lots of learnings & lots of fun! I kept friends and good memories from that experience

I then took an opportunity to try myself as a Lead Web Developer at Natural cycles
Natural cycles
Angular · Wordpress · Webpack · Netlify CMS

Natural Cycles has been an inspiring experience. Being a manager is not something we can easily improvise. I put a lot of heart, but somehow I felt like it wasn’t the right place at the right time. I’ve learned many things, technically but even more about my inner self. And they have an amazing product!

For my next experience, I wanted to go back to the basics, and learn more about frontend
Qred AB
Vue · Nuxt · React · Styled components

Qred was like a family, I worked there for almost two years, implementing the main website, maintaining it by adding new features and languages. I learned a lot more about frontend in general, specifically Vue.

Looking for a new challenge, with various project, I joined a digital agency named Apegroup
Apegroup AB
React · Next · NodeJS · Gatsby

Apegroup is where I’m currently working, and I’ve already contributed to more than four different projects there. It is an amazing place, with a great atmosphere, where you have space & time to learn & improve. I’m thrilled to be part of this journey

Thomas Morice.
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